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Since 1958, the owner has designed and installed decorative ceilings. In 1950's, 12 inch fiberboard was stapled or glued to sheet rock. The 60's brought in the T-Bar grid system to drop ceilings below pipes, etc. and allow access to utilities above.

Tin or custom-fitted wood ceilings had to be nailed up. Now an installed standard 2'x2' T-Bar grid system can convert ceilings to the style of traditional 19th Century tin or wood coffers.

Wood Coffers
T-bar grid and wall molding are covered with hard wood. The wood coffer-panel recess is 3 inches up from the wood grid and are removable.

European plaster ceiling designs were copied into tin ceilings of the 1800's. Tin is available, but now can be reproduced in vinyl - no rusting!

These panels and decorative strips can be glued and nailed to wood or sheetrock, too.

Pictured is an existing skylight framed in wood. Combining panels of recessed-coffered wood and Decorative panels of molded Vinyl shows that materials can be interchanged.

Note, any vault or drop that can be formed with grid can now have beautiful wood, tin or vinyl tile panels or any combination of appropriate materials.

Wood Ceilings
Manufactured wood ceilings are labor and cost- cutting. Approximately 70%, off hand-crafted custom wood -faces the metal grid.. Wood ceilings meet modern needs by hiding heat ducts or pipes, while allowing access to anything above the ceiling.

Beautiful Designs
Many more examples of Creative Ceilings' beautiful designs can be found on the Ceilings Page.

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